The Path to an Enlightened Life

Love Conscious Human Newsletter November 2022 2022 health lifestyle meditation october wellness Nov 21, 2022

 "Autumn in a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

-Albert Camus


Hey There Amazing Human! 

The act of meditation is the practice of letting go. A lot of times we think that meditating is trying to “not think”. Although there is some truth in that, the real purpose of meditation is to strengthen your letting go muscles. 

When you are meditating and a thought comes up, the practice is to let go of the thought because that’s not what...

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Love Conscious Human Newsletter September 2022 2022 health leadership newsletter recommendations september wellness Sep 23, 2022

Hey there amazing human!

The air is getting cooler as summer comes to a close! The Love Conscious Human Team has some fresh recommendations to help you make the most of your fall.

We make a lot of choices every single day. In fact, we're practically inundated with them from the time we wake up until we retire to bed. 

A lot of the choices we are faced with revolve around our bodies. How we choose to fuel, maintain, and care for our bodies takes up a fair portion of the day. 

We are...

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