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The Get it Done Podcast 

with Joe Zanca

Ep. 53: Dr. Teri Baydar

Teri Baydar is known as the "CEO Whisperer". She helps business owners and aspiring leaders get back in touch with the things that truly matter. We dive into some of the tactics and exercises that can be done that create better performance. Thanks Teri!


In this clip from Dr. Teri's talk on The Laws of Enlightenment from the World Leading Influencers Summit, Dr. Teri talks about how each of us have the same purpose, to connect with the higher self. 



In this webinar video from the Leading Global Socio Economic Forum 2020, Dr. Teri talks recovery from COVID-19 and how we move forward.









Commitment Is Continuity: Leadership at the Edge Workshop with Dr. Teri

Dr. Teri's Leadership at the Edge Workshop presents a roadmap for personal self-actualization to yield business success and personal effectiveness. Dr. Teri explains what being a transformational leader is like, how to get there, and the joy of enlightened leadership. 


Dr. Teri explains the relationship between outer success and inner success. Your self development is at the core of your professional and personal success.




In this video clip from the World Leading Influencers Summit 2020, Dr. Teri converses with Dr. Hala ElMiniawi about what she refers to as "The Divine Seed", our innermost sense of purpose, and what pushes us to improve and refine in accordance with our true purpose.