Dr. Teri Baydar is the heart and mind behind Love Conscious Human. 

"A new world requires a new form of leadership." Dr. Teri

 Dr. Teri Baydar is the CEO of White Lily Individual Development, LLC. Dr. Teri is a leadership development consultant, executive coach, and personal development expert who educates and supports C-suites and high achievers towards their personal path of self-actualizing growth for the greater good. During the decades she has spent coaching high-potential individuals, she has filled the role of mentor, friend, confidante, counselor, healer, educator, the “CEO Whisperer,” and even “my own personal Yoda.”


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Since earning her MBA with accrued training in authentic leadership, managing complexity, and behavioral economics, she has devoted years to behavioral research and leadership development. She is committed to guiding and supporting leaders in their evolution and success, to break through to the next level both professionally and personally. Dr. Teri’s education and experience have allowed her to earn her Professional Coaching Certification with the International Coaching Federation and become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with the Co-Active Training Institute. She is an ordained all-faith minister, teaches meditation, and occasionally walks on fire. Dr. Teri has spent her life devoted to exploring what it means to live life with love consciousness, happiness, and fulfillment.

Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, or even trapped in your life/career? Do you sense you have a greater purpose, or seek to understand the underlying truths of our universe? The future we imagine is overflowing with enlightened, satisfied, and even joyful individuals who seek to contribute to the greater good. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

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These private learning sessions with Dr. Teri are designed to help you understand your consciousness, discover your emotional landscape, and ultimately evolve to reach your next level. Whether you’d like to pick Dr. Teri’s brain once, or embark on an exploratory series of sessions, you are guaranteed to conclude with a renewed sense of purpose and priceless tools to take with you on your path. Having trouble deciding, or have further questions? You can reach out to [email protected] for more details.

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"Our world isn't perfect. Sometimes, our world doesn't even feel like it's good. That's where we come in. Love Conscious Human was formed on the idea that things can be better. Our goal is to raise human consciousness whenever we can, wherever we can. We seek to train, educate, and foster personal growth and development. Together, we have the power to make a difference." ~ Dr Teri

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