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What is Love Consciousness?

When humans are in a state of love consciousness, that does not mean they are blissfully dancing around and laughing without a care in the world. Being in a state of love consciousness means that you are at peace with not knowing and controlling everything. Not needing to judge yourself or other people. You step beyond the “right” and “wrong”. You see beauty and potential. You are able to step into a fuller version of yourself, and connect with your higher self or Daimon.

What is War Consciousness?

When humans are in a state of war consciousness, they are conflicted with themselves and/or the outside world. They are stressed, confused, and constantly striving. From that place, they compete and manipulate. This leads to the eventual degradation of their environment, relationships, and peace of mind. War consciousness is the foundation of all human suffering, both personal and collective.


"Our world isn't perfect. Sometimes, our world doesn't even feel like it's good. That's where we come in. Love Conscious Human was formed on the idea that things can be better. Our goal is to raise human consciousness whenever we can, wherever we can. We seek to train, educate, and foster personal growth and development. Together, we have the power to make a difference." ~ Dr Teri

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The Love Conscious Human courses and community are a resource for people who know in their hearts that there is another level to life. Here, we teach and discuss what nobody else will. We go beyond personal development into human evolution.

You are more than your daily struggles. Learn how to connect with your higher self, and the qualities and abilities that come along with your unfolding.

 When you enter into love consciousness, you move with ease, confidence, and a sense of inner knowing. Your connection with the people around you changes. The fulfillment that comes with doing this work brings a relaxed state of being. Are you ready to step into your personal evolution?