Love Conscious Courses

Love Conscious Conversations are live and in person with Dr Teri and are dedicated to raising consciousness and evolve  humanity.  

  • 'Flip Your Switch' lesson series

  • Personal Development Essentials

  • Love Conscious Lifestyle lecture series

Created by Dr. Teri Baydar to help you grow personally step by step. These courses are pre-recorded and designed so you can teach yourself and learn at your own pace. Take your time to really absorb the material.

'Flip Your Switch' lesson series

~ Coming Soon ~


This course is a series of video lessons designed to accompany the new book written by Dr. Teri entitled 'Flip Your Switch'. 

Can we change everything we do in business and life, relationships, into a consciousness that springs from love?

Everything we do has humans to exploit one another, the planet, or create suffering originates in War Consciousness.

Can we change that to actions that support one another and the planet?

This video course will show you how!

Personal Development Essentials

~ Coming Soon! ~


Created by Dr. Teri Baydar to help you to evolve into your true nature. 


Love Conscious Lifestyle lecture series

~ Coming Soon! ~


Our version of a Ted talk - Dr Teri speaks on ways to enhance personal shifts to enrich your life!


Meditation Recordings

~ Coming Soon! ~


Learn to meditate with Dr Teri! Enjoy simple guided meditations to focus on different areas of your development.


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