Love Conscious Human Newsletter September 2022

2022 health leadership newsletter recommendations september wellness Sep 23, 2022

Hey there amazing human!

The air is getting cooler as summer comes to a close! The Love Conscious Human Team has some fresh recommendations to help you make the most of your fall.

We make a lot of choices every single day. In fact, we're practically inundated with them from the time we wake up until we retire to bed. 

A lot of the choices we are faced with revolve around our bodies. How we choose to fuel, maintain, and care for our bodies takes up a fair portion of the day. 

We are only issued one body, one vehicle for our consciousness on this life journey. Many of us are guilty (our Team included!) of mistreating our bodies in various degrees despite this knowledge. This September, the Love Conscious Human Team is taking a look into health and wellness. We've curated our recommendations to hopefully spark some interest, and shed some light on the choices we make every day. 

We'd also like to highlight how important it is to take care of yourself: body, mind, and spirit. Maintaining and restoring your energy levels, happiness, and state of being could practically be a full time job. True health and wellness of your entire being results in love consciousness and joy. Existing in this state is pure bliss, and while it may seem out of reach, our team is confident that everyone can experience it. All it takes is the right tools, and willingness to work towards a better existence.


September Streaming Recommendation!

Our first recommendation this month pertains to diet. That Sugar Film is a documentary investigating the sugar hidden in foods and its effect on the human body. This film follows director Damon Gameau as he showcases the effects of changing his diet to one low in fat but high in sugar, specifically 40tsp per day.

While his new diet didn't include an increased caloric intake than his previous diet, Gameau noticed he became lethargic, gained weight, and even developed fatty liver disease. 

This documentary gives countless nutrition lessons in a very digestible way. While the topic can sometimes be dry or hard to confront, this movie makes it easy to understand how you might be slowing yourself down. 

Allowing your body to thrive involves making the right choices in regards to nutrition. Living a conscious, informed lifestyle will always be important when it comes to your health and wellness.


Bonus Streaming Recommendation! 

Ask The Doctor is available for streaming on Netflix. This series features doctors giving expert advice, as well as discussing latest treatments and busting medical myths. 

This series covers a vast range of topics, from sleep to alcohol and so much more. Hearing medical professionals describe the effects your actions have on your body is both informative and fascinating. There's an episode solely focused on colds and the flu, where the doctors discuss the best home remedies, how to prevent yourself from picking it up, and the implications of a worldwide flu vaccine. 

There is sure to be an episode to peak your interest. With the amount of knowledge available at our fingertips, we have the power to make illuminated decisions for ourselves and loved ones.  

September Book Recommendation! 

Immune System Hacks: 175+ Ways to Boost Your Immunity, Protect Against Viruses and Disease, and Feel Your Very Best!  is a book full of cheat codes to jumpstart your immune system by Matt Farr.

Your immune system is unique as its the only bodily system that is related not just to every other system within your body, but also very closely to your environment and emotions. Your immune system has access to all other areas of your body, influence over your cells, and offers protection from viruses and diseases. Taking care of your immune system can be essential to living a healthy life, where you feel your best consistently. 

Everything from food sensitivity to stress can affect the health of your immune system. Getting your immune system regulated is the key to regulating your entire being, body, mind, and spirit. 

So, how does one nurture and maintain their immune system? 175 easy hacks, from food and supplements that can prevent illness to habits and therapies that can help relieve chronic inflammation fill the pages of this book. For almost every immune condition and situation, there is a hack that can help. There are holistic approaches that can not only optimize your immune system, but support your social, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

Whatever sensitivities or ailments plague you, this book has a simple hack to get you started. Pick one hack as a jumping off point, and see where it takes you in your health and wellness journey. Good luck!