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Love Conscious Human is the brainchild of Dr. Teri Baydar, a renowned leadership consultant and coach with decades of experience in researching and teaching high impact methods of behavioral change.


Our goal is simple: we seek to raise the collective state of human consciousness. Our courses are designed to help you better understand yourself and the world around you. Within our ever-expanding course library, community, and other offerings we hope you find something interesting, intriguing, or entertaining.


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Conscious Conversations and courses designed to raise your state of being.

 Books, articles, webinars, and forums written, designed, or lead by Dr. Teri Baydar

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Our Latest Course

Cultivating Joy is designed to make you think about and confront your experiences with joy. This course is 14 sessions lead by Dr. Teri Baydar, intended to help you find and create more joy in your life.


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Coming Soon: Flip Your Switch

“Within the covers of this book you will find guidance, solace and a renewed sense of purpose. Right from the first page Dr.Teri’s words resonate with depth and meaning. She has a gift for language that will draw you into yourself and put you on a path of self-discovery and excellence."

-Rob Salafia, CEO, Protagonist Consulting Group, MIT Master Executive Coach and author of Leading From Your Best Self (McGraw-Hill) 


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