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Love Conscious Human is the brainchild of Dr. Teri Baydar, a renowned leadership consultant and coach with decades of experience in researching and teaching high impact methods of behavioral change.Our goal is simple: we seek to raise the collective state of human consciousness.

Our courses are designed to help you better understand yourself and the world around you. Within our ever-expanding course library, community, and other offerings we hope you find something interesting, intriguing, or entertaining.

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Dr. Teri educates and supports people towards their personal path of self-actualizing growth for the greater good.

"A new world requires a new form of leadership."

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 Love Conscious Human courses can teach you how to cultivate joy, find your authentic voice and grow personally towards success.

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Our Latest Courses:

Cultivating Joy

Cultivating Joy is designed to make you think about and confront your experiences with joy. This course is 14 sessions lead by Dr. Teri Baydar, intended to help you find and create more joy in your life. Learn more and register here!

"Joy - life is better when you have it! Dr. Teri’s Joy series connected us with a diverse group of people.  We all shared our thoughts and experiences with a common goal of adding to our quality of life by finding, nurturing and accepting Joy.  Thank you Dr. Teri for inviting us in." 
~ Kevin and Rochelle

Are you ready to join our community?

Get recommendations, tips, insights, and more directly in your inbox.

Fierce Female Finding Voice

The fierceness of finding your own voice is not about being loud or moving mountains, per se. Finding voice is being able to truly express your authentic self in alignment with what you think really matters. Finding your voice will not change the world, but it will change Your World. That’s the whole point.
So, with this program of Fierce Females: Finding Voice, we seek to find and express our wholeness, and get to a place of Knowing that we belong. Not that we just fit in, but that we belong regardless of exterior acceptance or validation.  

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