Love Conscious Human Newsletter October 2022

2022 health october sustainability Nov 21, 2022

"Life starts all over again

when it gets crisp in the fall."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

"The Great Gatsby"

Hey There Amazing Human! 

Fall may begin in September, but it truly starts to feel like fall in October. Where Love Conscious Human operates in New England, the trees have burst into fiery explosions of red, yellow, and orange. Pumpkins litter porches and Halloween decorations are popping up throughout the neighborhoods. We love it!

This venture exists with one goal: to raise the level of human consciousness. But where do we start? In order to raise our consciousness, we must first understand the different states of consciousness we live in. 

For this month's newsletter, we want to focus on shifting mindsets from War Consciousness to Love Consciousness. These two states of consciousness are the fundamental ones we operate and exist within. War Consciousness is based on the idea that we are all different from one another, separate and independent. From this state of existence, we view conflict in terms of "me" vs "them", everything is a battle or dispute, internally and externally. 

You may even experience war consciousness when dealing with yourself, as you deal confronting your inner critic and self-saboteurs, or when dealing with a mind/body divide. 

Our interactions with ourselves are a reflection of how we interact with the world. Chances are, if you interact with yourself in terms of pain and suffering, you relate to the external world with similar levels critique and animosity. 

Our recommendations delve deeper into the social constructs that exist to trap us within a war conscious mindset. When you become able to recognize Love and War Consciousness within yourself and outwardly from the people around you, the power of elevating your consciousness becomes apparent.

October Streaming Recommendation!

 Tomorrowland is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie available for streaming through Starz. We highly suggest you stream this movie, it's a fun and entertaining watch appropriate for the whole family. In order to refrain from spoiling the plot, we'd like to share our interpretation of the message. 

There is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within the human race where we form a "group mindset". This social construct results in the idea that, "if everyone's doing it, it must be ok". This group mindset has shifted and intertwined itself with the way we do business, and has manifested as the idea that it's ok to exploit people, planet, and nature for the sake of profit. Our society systemically allows large corporations to get away with murder, figuratively and literally. 

When we collectively believe that exploitation is ok, or even necessary to do business, it becomes incredibly easy to turn a blind eye to suffering. This widely accepted mindset is toxic, and a concrete expression of war consciousness. Our adherence to a "plantation style" economic model that dictates profit at any cost requires aggressive exploitation of resources. We must solve our problems at the root, which means tackling these unsustainable and poisonous systems. Our first step is to change the group mind, i.e. social construct, holding each of us in war consciousness. If you and I can step out of War Consciousness, we can crowdsource Love Consciousness, and create a new group mindset for a wholesome future. 

Another message in this movie is the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Basically, if we convince each other that there is no hope, there is no better way of living, and that we can't change... it becomes true. If our only vision for the future is a dystopian war zone, our future will be a dystopian war zone. If we change the group mindset and create a new vision, and that vision gains critical mass, this positive vision for the future becomes the new self-fulfilling prophecy.

We need to foster creativity, brave new ideas, and a positive outlook. This will help us build new systems to shape the future, and discover sustainable models that don't rely on ill treatment to function. 


October Book Recommendation! 

Oneness vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom is by Vandana Shiva with Kartikey Shiva. We'd like to begin by sharing the quote on the back cover of this book:

"Breaking free of the 1% and their constructs is not just possible, it has become necessary... It is a human necessity because participating in a world of limitless greed. profit, violence, and power robs us of our humanity."

-Vandana Shiva 

Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned activist and scholar, this book is her analysis of the virulent billionaires club, and the poisonous economic model that has pushed us to the social and ecological brink of extinction. 

As she points out in the above quotation, breaking free of the systems that allow for limitless profit (and therefore greed) is essential to our survival. Our planet, our life force, cannot continue to exist under the oppressive, exploitative, parasitic model we are all accustomed to.

Vandana then goes on to present the solution: seeding another future. The future we cultivate must deepen our democracies- we can no longer stand by as the obscenely wealthy maintain and grow their status by deploying unaccountable money to bypass democratic structures. Our future needs to be rich in diversity, sustainability, we need to regenerate our resources and planet while rebuilding our freedom from oppression. Our future needs to be one that prioritizes health of people and planet, unity, connectedness, the "Oneness"this book calls for. 

Here at Love Conscious Human, we believe this is the vital path to a better future. For our purposes, this "oneness" is love consciousness. An ideal society is one where old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they'll never rest under.  The future we envision is filled with elevated, transformational Love Conscious Humans. 

Coming Soon...

Dr. Teri's premier book, Flip Your Switch: A user's guide to a whole new mind is almost here! If you're interested in understanding and growing your consciousness, transforming how you see and interact with the world, and changing your mindset, this book is the perfect stepping stone. Use the link below to signup for updates on when we launch!