Love Conscious Human Newsletter April 2023

May 02, 2023

Hey there amazing human!


We’re back with some exciting updates and new recommendations for you! 


The systems in place in our world are complex, their reach immeasurable. These social constructs and business models that we exist within shape us and our world. Our recommendations this month have been selected to examine this idea a bit further.


Our current business model is undeniably flawed. The system is set up in a way that rewards those who cross lines, break rules, and do wrong for the sake of profit. Meanwhile, this system punishes those trying to do right by branding them “losers”. When operating under our current economic system and model, doing the right thing won’t make you a winner. Instead, exploitation and plantation style economics are rewarded with things like bonuses, promotions, and other incentives to act immorally. 


The Friedman Doctrine, or Shareholder Theory was developed by economist Milton Friedman. It first appeared as an essay in a 1970 issue of the New York Times, and his main argument is that an entity such as a business or corporation has no social responsibility to abide by. He posits that rather than acting in the best interests of society as a whole, businesses are bound by a duty to do right by their shareholders. According to his beliefs, executives and employees of a corporation are not obligated to follow any social responsibilities unless the shareholders call for it. 


This theory of business ethics makes it easy to do harm. The system that has been built on these ideals has allowed for rampant greed, suffering, callousness, and perhaps worst of all, indifference. 


Businesses in our society are driven by profit. We live in a world where profit is considered the paramount. Because of this, we are encouraged to set aside ecological, moral, and even fiduciary responsibilities for the sake of profit. In this world, our world, there have been instances where corporations have calculated the cost of human life and measured it against profit margins to make decisions.


The Ecology of Commerce is a very quick read. Paul Hawken, its author, is very articulate when he suggests that business success and environmentally sustainable practices must no longer be mutually exclusive. Because we are profit driven, businesses have always tried to cut corners to save money. An area where this becomes very apparent over our history is in waste disposal. There are countless environmental and health disasters that have been caused by negligence and greed. And yet, we have yet to change the way we operate to protect our planet and human lives. At Love Conscious Human, we believe that for our survival and continued evolution as a species, we need to shift our economic mindset from its current plantation and pyramid style into one based on partnership and collaboration. It’s a new world out there, each and every day. Our cultural mindset has the ability to shift and change constantly, so why are our economic systems stalled? 



At Love Conscious Human, we’re invested in facilitating a worldwide metamorphosis, the shift from War Consciousness to Love Consciousness. We can create better systems, built on a foundation strong enough to withstand the test of time: one that is positive and collaborative. Imagine what our world could look like if every business, enterprise, and corporation believed their social responsibility was to participate positively in society and raise humanity. Until now, we have accepted and participated in structures that have been built and conceived in War Consciousness. We’re here to tell you, there is more out there. 


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