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Cultivating Joy 2024-25

Welcome Love Conscious Human!

Joy is not the result of getting what you want. Joy is not entangled with desire, joy is instead about being in a state of connectedness, gratitude, and serenity. For this course, we define joy as, “the experience of becoming more truly ourselves, associated with an intense feeling of deep spiritual connection, bliss, appreciation, and gratitude. 

What could be more amazing than having more joy in every aspect of your life?! 

What you'll get:

  • 12 Conscious Conversations with Dr Teri
  •  Create personal transformation over time
  • Shift your mind, your heart, and your behavior 

Each 'Conscious Conversation' is held for 90 minutes monthly. We will meet on the Zoom media platform.  


9/25/24 Defining Joy

10/23/24 The Joy of Slowing Down

11/20/24 The Joy of Relationships

12/11/24 The Joy of Self-Care

1/15/25 The Joy of Acceptance (of Limits and Truth)

2/19/25 The Joy of Letting Go

3/19/25 The Joy of Doing Good and Being Kind

4/23/25 The Joy of Being Grateful

5/21/25 The Joy of Contentment and Having a Good Life

6/25/25  The Joy of Living on Purpose

7/23/25  The Joy of Making a Difference

8/20/25 Sympathetic, Empathetic Joy


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